Domestic and international freight transport

At HBV Cargo we specialize in road freight transport . We transport almost any type of merchandise, from a parcel to oversized pieces, we are here to help you if you need express deliveries, or if you want a more economical cost in groupage transport. We cover the whole territory of the European Union, with platform vehicles, tarpaulin or HGVs, from 3.5 tonnes to 40 tonnes plus.


palletized goods

The European Union and the common market represent an excellent means of promotion for Romanian producers. If you are already exporting or want to get started, we can help you with palletized goods distribution anywhere in Europe.

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HBV Sparks a family business

Although we operate in a highly competitive industry, we have been able to attract our customers through the attention paid.

In Romania there are thousands of road freight companies, how do we differentiate ourselves from most of our competitors? Unlike large shipping houses where customers are treated as just another order number and the possibility of generating a quick profit, at HBV Sparks Cargo we put our relationship with the clients we are trying to move from the status of potential customer, to that of a friend.

Victor Hebe

Director General

Open for any feedback whether positive or negative, Victor ensures the smooth running of things in our company.

Adela Dohor

Manager de transport

Adela can help you find the best freight solution regardless of the quantity or route you want.

Vehicles type

Perfect for light goods, 3.5 tonnes trucks have a much shorter transit time than 40 tonnes trucks.

When the merchandise has to be delivered expressly, 3.5 tonnes is the best option.

Generally, the trucks have a maximum load of 1000 Kg, packages can be loaded up to 4-5 meters long. As the number of pallets normally fit 6-10 pallets depending on the type of car. They can be equipped with a tarpaulin or solid walls.

7 ton trucks are ideal when we have a lighter 3.5 ton freight, which is their payload.

Unlike vans, in 7 ton trucks there are more pallets and also the floor length is larger, this can reach 6-6.5 meters.

40 tonnes trucks are used for most transports. So on the one hand, because they are more efficient in terms of pollution, it would require 22 3.5 ton vans to carry the same amount of cargo. On the other hand, it allows the loading of much heavier goods, a cargo of 20 tons for example, with a length of up to 13.6 meters.

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